1000 films to see before you die.

June 29, 2007 at 11:34 pm (film)

I’ve seen 181 of the films listed here at the Guardian. I better hurry up.

I find the selection surprisingly diverse and what I had thought of as obscure in film, such as Zulu, Movern Caller, Slacker or The Dresser, is “lauded” critically. Dodgeball is on the list so you know its cool. Big Bad Love is missing though.



  1. truth9 said,

    By my count, I’m at a mere 166 from this list. There are A LOT of obscure/foreign films there. I could probably go back and count at least 50 movies that are on my “I’ve always meant to see/finish watching that” list.

    Sometimes, however, their choices are just stupid. Seriously, choosing Evil Dead 1 over Evil Dead 2. That’s moronic. And why doesn’t Empire make the list? I would suggest that it is the superior filn to the original Star Wars.



    That’s disappointing.

  2. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    I agree with you about their choice of representation but I believe “they” chose the first of every trilogy except in the case of LOTR when they chose the whole thing. But come on. Zoolander is on the list! How ’bout the quizes? I’ve averaged 2 out of 5 by guessing.

    And now that I think about it, romantic comedies weren’t represented too well. I mean, where’s the requisite Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film?

  3. truth9 said,

    Maybe they don’t think that you need to see any Hanks/Ryan films before you die.

    I would disagree of course, as everyone should see Joe vs. the Volcano.

    As for the quizzes, ya, not so good. I think I’m also getting 2/5 or so.

  4. truth9 said,

    Nope, scratch that.

    I got 2/5 on 2 of the quizzes, 4/5 on 2, and a perfect score on the last. I would say that I knew about half the answers I got wrong, and two of them were me second-guessing. Hmm.

    I still know nothing about foreign film, though.

  5. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Neither do I. There are some good foreign films on that list though. I’d recommend Black Cat White Cat. Hilarious.

  6. truth9 said,

    Well, if I understood Japanese better (either to listen to or to read), I could watch many foreign films here, as the video stores have excellent selections.

    In any event, I rented some movies this week, so my number will go up to 167. That’s right, I rented 4 movies, and only one of them is on the list.

  7. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    How are you ever going to experience all the movies you need to see before dying with that type of attitude? And wanton video renting? Frankly, your complete disregard for your own well-being is disturbing.

    So…what did you rent and which one’s on the list?

  8. truth9 said,

    I rented “Heat,” which is on the list, along with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” (El Mariachi 3), and “Legends of the Fall.”

    I had seen the new Chocolate Factory previously, enough that I wanted to see it again.

  9. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Heat isn’t too bad although it’s not great. As I recall Henry Rollins makes an appearance as a bodyguard/thug.

    Funny enough, I haven’t seen the rest of your rentals.

  10. truth9 said,

    Heat had a number of 2-person scenes that I would love to have known about before I took acting. There’s some great stuff in there. I do think it was a lot longer than it had to be, though.

    Legends of the Fall was pretty good, and the ending was slightly unexpected (for me at least, but that may be because I had though I heard something different). It had a good story, I thought, though it was largely a romance.

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico was okay, but you don’t really feel very much for most of the characters. I think Desperado was a more enjoyable movie.

    The new Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was fun, and much closer to the book than the old movie. Depp is good as Wonka, I might even suggest better than Wilder, but I’m not certain of that.

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