Mellifluent Mondays: Clint Mansell

March 24, 2008 at 4:57 pm (music, music video)

This week I think I’ll let the music speak for itself. Mostly.

I know of Clint Mansell solely through his work on the scores of films such as π (high recommended by the way, as are all of Aronofsky‘s films, each of which are featured in this post):

Typical Drum & Bass, huh? I like it a lot myself and though I know some of my regular readers won’t, I find it can’t be ignored since it compares favorably to the rest of Mansell’s work in it’s composition. I’m sure that my regulars will find this track familiar, if not in it’s original, more personal form:

..then in it’s fully orchestrated form:

…found in such film trailers as The Two Towers which may lead to eventually challenging Carl Orff’s O Fortuna in epic usage. I’m not so sure if the piece of music has helped sell tickets for these films, but Requiem for a Dream wouldn’t have been as emotionally effective without this theme running throughout the heartbreaking drama.

Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet teamed up once again, after their work on Requiem together, for Aronofsky’s latest work, The Fountain:

That was Stay With Me, here’s The Last Man from the same film:

And finally, post-rockers Mogwai joined in on this epic track, Death is the Road to Awe:

And that, as they say, is that.

Next week: Mogwai.


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