Soul Calibur 4…WTF?

February 8, 2008 at 2:39 pm (strange, video games)

Just saw this and had to share the experience of being dumbfounded.

How in the world can this be explained in Story Mode?


  1. riphoudouso said,

    What in a galaxy far far away is that all about? Star Wars and Soul Caliber? Is this a joke?

  2. Wes said,


    I think I just peed a little.

    I need to check this out. . .

  3. Wes said,

    Now this is frustrating. Under closer inspection, the PS3 version will have only Darth Vader, and the XBox version will have only Yoda. What a kick in the pants. So you can’t actually have them FIGHT EACH OTHER. Now I’m a wee bit upset. But still excited . . . but . . . torn.

  4. truth9 said,


    This is real??

    Man, now I gotta get a PS3.

    Darn. Woe is me.

    How much are they running in Canada? Since PS3 games aren’t region protected, I might be able to pick one up here cheaper than there.

  5. Amanda said,

    I wanna be CHEWIEEEEEE!

  6. Wes said,

    Umm, thar be no Chewie here. It’s JUST Darth Vader in PS3, and JUST Yoda on the 360. No other characters. Pretty disappointing really.

  7. Amanda said,

    no kidding I wanna beat people up with Chewie 😦

  8. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Who else imagined Amanda’s voice as a Kender? I know I did.

  9. truth9 said,

    Yup, ditto.

  10. Amanda said,

    Ha! lol

  11. truth9 said,

    What happened to “something of note to read in the next few days?”

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