Why aren’t you reading the #1 Graphic Novel of 2007?

January 28, 2008 at 4:15 pm (comics, strange, Webcomics)

Reminiscent of when the magazine lauded Watchmen as one of the top 100 novels of all time, Time has claimed Achewood as the #1 Graphic Novel of 2007. Granted, this scintillating work of art is a webcomic, it is still more than deserving of this recent prize and I can’t help but wonder what took so long for it to receive this kind of recognition.

I’d recommend starting at the beginning, but if you want to make certain as to whether or not this is a webcomic worthy of your attention, read the Great Outdoor Fight story arc. If this doesn’t clinch your adoration nothing will.

Man. This comic is worth reading for the alt-text alone sometimes. Makes me want to get my slant on.



  1. Lindsay said,

    Man why you even got to do a thing. Truer words were never spoken.

  2. truth9 said,

    Ummm…. ’cause I don’t take reading advice from Time magazine?

    Seriously though, I’ve never bothered, and since being without the internet for the month after I left home back in 2006, I’ve lost track of all my webcomics except 8-Bit Theater and BtAF.

  3. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Well, my good man, you should bother. This is not a Bob and George recommendation.

    And what if an elderly gentlemen, like yourself, who don’t take reading advice from Time magazine, said that he never bothered to read Watchmen cause his comic collection got burnt in some house fire back in ’82? Wouldn’t you think that was weak sauce? (Besides the emotional trauma of losing said collection.)

    Weak sauce, man, weak sauce.

    Read the article, or heck, even the wikipedia article and give this rag a fair shake and enjoy the absurdist trip. I mean, that guy Lore you don’t really know reads it.

  4. truth9 said,

    Actually, it’s kind of odd that you should mention Achwood, as I’ve recently seen it mentioned in 4 or five other blogs (likely Lore included).

    What’s with this weak sauce thing? Is that some kind of newfangled hipster saying now?

    Honestly, kids these days and their crazy sayings.

  5. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Look it up in the urban dictionary. It essentially means lame. Plus, Achewood is chalk full of titillating colloquialisms, whether they be hipster in nature or derived from some other subculture.

    And Achewood couldn’t possibly be associated with hipster culture anymore. I mean, it’s been on the internet for nigh on six years.

  6. eve said,

    What is the saddest thing? Phillip Phillip Phillip…. That J has not bothered to know what is the saddest thing….

  7. truth9 said,

    I’ve read the first three months (2001) .

    How long before it gets funny? Does it get funny?

  8. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    I don’t recall ever saying that Achewood was funny, although it occasionally is.

    It takes awhile before Onstad gets his bone on, but when it happens, you will know it. But seriously, if you don’t like it by the time Roast Beef and Ray are developed as characters, you’ll never like it.

    And that is the saddest thing.

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