Farewell to the First Companion

October 21, 2007 at 5:38 pm (Doctor Who)

I finished watching this episode last night and I thought atleast one of you might be interested in watching this particular scene. The Daleks have just been defeated on earth in the year 2164 (precisely 2oo years from the present day) and it appears that Susan has fallen in love and wishes to help rebuild the earth.

Susan was certainly no Rose and was always a bit needy and annoying as a companion. I’m uncertain as to whether she is in fact the Doctor’s granddaughter and if this is cleared up later in the series. I mean, is she a Time Lord of something? I suspect it will be awhile before I find out.

Also, please pardon me for my poor video-editing skills.



  1. truth9 said,

    Though a little melodramatic, it is a nice parting scene. Typical Doctor choosing what’s best for those around him.

    To my knowledge, it is never revealed whether she is a Time Lord or his granddaughter. I think there was a lot of retconning in the following years.

    And no worries about the editing.

  2. Amanda said,

    Ya nice parting scene but I kept getting distracted.
    1)”It is forbidden to dump bodies into the river” AND
    2)he kept her shoe AND
    3)she dropped the key to the Tartis, I mean really time travel and all that’s gotta come back and bite him….

  3. Greg said,

    It’s never been said if Susan was his progeny or not (and therefore a Time Lord herself). The series never had a “bible” so there have always been discrepancies and contradictions between incarnations (and between individual stories as well)

    @A – The Doctor has given out so many keys over the years that I suspect he changes the locks with every companion change (though Jack still had his key in series 3, or perhaps was given a new one) or at the very least each incarnation. Then again with the TARDIS being semi-sentient, it could just know and recognize who the companions are and let them in. The key being a way of a “primitive” mind protecting itself from a big bad universe with transdimensional police boxes.

  4. truth9 said,

    Ooh, Greg. You’ve started visiting our good friend Mark, too, have you?

    I think you two would have a lot to chat/argue about.

    Greg, Mark.
    Mark, Greg.

    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

  5. Greg said,

    Actually J I’m just stalking you.

  6. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Funny, I’ve been stalking J on Greg’s blog…

  7. Greg said,

    He’s just so stalkable!

  8. Amanda said,

    lol careful guys I stalked him too and ended up marrying him hehe

  9. truth9 said,

    Ummmm, thank you???

    I’m stalkable… hmmm, maybe that means I should avoid becoming famous.

    Or maybe my allure would wear off.

  10. He’s Just So STALKABLE! « As Far As Thought Can Reach said,

    […] For explanation (that is, if you actually desire one) go here. […]

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