Michael Nyman Rocks!

October 2, 2007 at 8:17 am (Michael Nyman, music, music video)

This video is why youtube should have a “repeat video” option. I’ve literally watched/listened to this video twenty times in a row.

The quality may be lousy but what an unintended beat!


  1. Amanda said,

    That’s some interesting feedback there. I can just picture that becoming a top downloaded cell phone ring lol.

  2. Wes said,

    One of the reasons gattacca is such a great movie. According to some, the only reason.

  3. Mellifluent Mondays: Moondog « As Far As Thought Can Reach said,

    […] a niche I can often enjoy. His compositions often remind me of the minimalistic work of Michael Nyman, or even the whimsy of Traverse Town, though there are a few pieces which remind me too much of […]

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