Everything you need to know about Gundam

June 29, 2007 at 7:34 pm (anime, comedy, Gundam)

Approaching the end of the Gundam series, having watched about 140 hours thus far, and assuming that Zeta Gundam is most likely the best the series has to offer, I present to you everything you need to know about Gundam.


  1. truth9 said,

    if this is what you suggest is everything that anyone needs to know about Gundam, are you subtly suggesting not to to waste my time on the show?

    Also, I could have sworn the show was about giant robots fighting…

  2. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    I guess this is my way of saying that there’s always something bad about a Gundam show. There’s an absurd amount of slapping in Zeta Gundam, as the clip demonstrates, and the other series have their flaws and plot crutches as well.

    Can you believe that Zeta’s my favorite? Gundam X, which I just finished, was pretty bad. A dolphin taking out a brigade of mecha bad. With its mind bullets bad.

    The show IS a waste of time much like Dragonball Z is a waste of time. What?! Goku’s fighting someone who says they’re stronger than him? Will Goku be able to win and save everything? What?! Gundams are fighting an authoritarian power? Will peace be restored to the earth/space colonies? And since giant robots are ALWAYS fighting I tend to zone out during the battles. Like if any of the Z fighters powered up for an episode or two.

    Gundam is nothing special. There’s just one problem. I can’t stop watching it.

  3. truth9 said,

    So, Gundam doesn’t approach Evangelion level intelligence, I take it? Or maybe it doesn’t approach Excel Saga intelligence?

    Either way, if it is a waste of time in the DBZ way, I can understand that. But it’s a shorter waste of time (in terms of series, at least no single Gundam series goes on for 276 episodes.

    I’m curious, did you watch Gundam in chronological order of how it was released, of how it takes place, or in no particular order?

  4. asfarasthoughtcanreach said,

    Certainly not Evangelion levels of depth but Gundams tend to have little more characterization then DBZ.

    Chronology isn’t as important as you’d think it’d be. (Atleast for tv series, manga and novelizations are another story.) The only series that were released outside of chronological order were OVAs which stand on their own.

    So I’ve watched Gundams as they were released until Endless Waltz (1997), skipped Turn a Gundam (1999), for no reason at all, and I’m almost done Gundam SEED (2002). I’ll probably go back to Turn a Gundam, then watch Gundam SEED Destiny, 4 more OVAs and I’m done. For now.

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