Two Short Stories, Two Short Films

March 31, 2007 at 1:10 pm (comedy, faces which amuse me, film, meat, Terry Bisson, Tobias Wolf, writers)

The first film/story is called Bullet in the Brain originally written by Tobias Wolf.

Unfortunately I have never been able to find this short story but it is one of my favorite shorts. There’s nothing quite like the implied criticism of the Critic. I first saw this several years ago on the now defunct CBC program ZED.

(Their web site’s still up and there are many hidden gems to be found here.)

The second film/story is called They’re Made Out of Meat originally written by Terry Bisson.

I had read this at the recommendation of Neil Gaiman’s blog and, one can only assume, Mr. Gaiman himself. I only just realized there was a short recently and it has the best teleportation sequence I’ve ever seen.

The fact that both of these shorts include Tom Noonan is just a happy coincidence.



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